How to check the site for DDOS protection? How to check the capacity of the Internet channel? How to check the DDOS protection service?

We are engaged in load testing of communication channels and websites for more than 8 years
We conduct testing, send a report and help to achieve more

Why choose us?

Individual approach with an integrated solution

For each client, we develop a unique load testing plan, teach how to collect technical and business metrics, help improve availability, resiliency and build business continuity.

Quick result

Accumulated experience helps us quickly find weaknesses in both technical terms and in processor control. The first result is the first week after testing.

We love and appreciate our clients

Our regular customers appreciate us for being always in touch, always ready to see you in our office and welcome your inquiries.

We are always next to

We work without holidays, weekends and lunch breaks and always welcome you


Which instruments do you use?

Most often, we choose hping3, slowhttptest and Jmeter that we have modified. Infrastructure is managed through Terraform and Ansible. Metrics are collected via Zabbix.

Why do you need to test?

To check the quality of the communication channel, the supplier of the DDOS protection service, the correctness of the hardware and software settings and to prepare for a heavy load, for example, Black Friday.

What will I get?

You will receive a report and recommendations on the identified deficiencies, both from the technical side and from the side of the continuity of business processes in which your website and its service personnel participate.

How do I prepare?

In general, you need to configure your internal monitoring on the metrics you are interested in, make a list of the tested nodes and send them to us. Please email us - we will help you